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In September 2013, the University of Baltimore Office of Technology Services (OTS) rolled out the WordPress blogging tool to all students, faculty, and staff and it was appropriately named UB Blogs.  In fact, the UB Office of Academic Innovation’s blog that you are now reading is hosted in this environment.  UB Blogs was delivered in response to multiple student requests for a blogging tool that could be used to track progress of capstone projects.  WordPress was the logical fit as it is the premier free and open source blogging tool in the world.

Many colleges and universities use WordPress as their ePortfolio tool, and while not a stated objective of the WordPress implementation, it will be interesting to see if UB Blogs can be utilized as a venue for students to create and store digital artifacts.  Three of the Catalyst for Learning ePortfolio partner schools ― Virginia Tech, Georgetown, and Salt Lake Community College are all using e-Portfolio platforms powered by WordPress.

Over 170 sites have been created in UB Blogs in the first six full months since go-live, and OTS is now rolling out a series of tutorial videos to help new users get acclimated to blogging at UB.  Here is the overview video to give you a sneak peek at the type of content to come.

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