Taylor Branch: Citizenship and Freedom

branchIn spring 2014, Taylor Branch is teaming up with the University of Baltimore and the University System of Maryland to offer an innovative and experimental new course called “Citizenship and Freedom.”  Stay up to date on the development of this course here:

University of Baltimore press release announcing the course

Office of Academic Innovation blog post situating the course in the evolving context of MOOCs

Baltimore Sun article



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2 thoughts on “Taylor Branch: Citizenship and Freedom

  1. Donald Walters

    How can I sign up for the Citizenship and Freedom on-line class on a non-credit basis? What are the times of the classes? Is it possible to attend the class in which Julian Bond will be the guest lecturer?
    Thank you!

    1. Brian Etheridge Post author

      Thanks for your interest! Please visit the website freedomclass.org to get information on viewing the May 6 class featuring Harry Belafonte, as well as how to sign for the next iteration as a continuing education student.


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