Mr. Robert’s Gym of Martial Arts

Divided Baltimore Community

It is with a deep pride that I call you all my community members. I am sending out this request and taking this opportunity to ask for your help with an endeavor which I was inspired to start due to my participation in the Divided Baltimore class.

I am helping to raise $12,000 for┬áMr. Robert’s Gym of Martial Arts (currently being held at a boxing gym on 409 E Preston St, 21202). It is just before entering the Mt. Vernon neighborhood. Guilford is the border between these neighborhoods are they are VASTLY different. This gym provides a much needed afterschool enrichment to children who REALLY need to be engaged and have their talent nurtured. As many of us know, Baltimore currently lacks rec centers and programs for school aged children whose families are low-income. Through my son’s participation in classes in Mr. Robert’s Martial Arts classes, I have gotten to know of these families. They have great intentions of wanting their children to be involved and engaged, but they lack the funds for classes and equipment. I would be turning a blind eye to justice and action, if I were to ignore the situation of Carter’s classmates while I enjoy our privileged situation .

The link to donate is below. In five days, this site has only raised $15. I have posted this on Facebook, asked my in-laws to do a donation in lieu of a Christmas gift for me, emailed friends, told neighbors, etc. If you have any other suggestions of how to present this or where to present this, let me know. I am open to suggestions.

This is the fundraising campaign for Robert’s Gym Of Martial arts :
Simply click on the link and donate.

It would mean the world to me if you all would donate any amount and then spread the word. Think about this reaching thousands of people.

This is how you can help Baltimore. This is how we can actually affect change.

In Hope and Solidarity,

Lauren Kelly-Washington,
Founding Director of BLiS Moves
Fusion Movement & Fitness
Global Music
Arts Integrated Curriculum, Cultural Arts Residencies & Assemblies in Schools

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