Radio and Podcasts

NPR – All Things Considered. (August 28, 2017). Quoted in Merrit Kennedy’s piece, “Baltimore Took Down the Confederate Monuments. Now it Has to Decide What to do with Them.

Top of Mind Sirius XM Channel 143. (May 4, 2015). 30-minute interview.

 NOS Dutch Broadcasting (April 29, 2015). Interview with Ryan Hermelijn about Baltimore ’68

Letters and Politics. (April 29, 2015). 30-minute interview with Mitch Jeserich about Baltimore ’68, Pacifica Radio Network

Huffington Post Live. (April 29, 2015). Panel interview with Mark Lamont Hill “The Roots of Riots” with panelists  D. Watkins, Michael Gould-Wartofsk.


 Quoted in print media

The Baltimore Sun. (August 17, 2017). Quoted in “Baltimore’s Confederate Monuments Under Tarps as Trump, Descendants of Stonewall Jackson Weigh In” by Jean Marbella and Colin Campbell

 The New York Times. (March 27, 2017).  Quoted in “Baltimoreans Mourn a Man Said to Have Been Killed by Their Neighbor” by Rick Rojas.

 The Baltimore Sun. (April 30, 2015). Quoted in “Baltimore Grappling with Repugnant Images,
Julie Scharper and Jean Marbella

 The New York Times. (April 28, 2015). Contributor to “Defining Baltimore: #Riot, #Uprising or #Disturbance,” by Damien Cave

The Baltimore Sun. (April 28, 2015). Quoted in “City Rioting Evokes Memories of 1968
Timothy Wheeler

The Christian Science Monitor. (April 28, 2015). Quoted in “Baltimore Riots: Why It is Not 1968” by Peter Grier

Slate Magazine. (April 27, 2015). “The Riots of ’68: What the Violence in the Wake of the King Assassination Can, and Can’t, Teach us About Baltimore Today.” Interviewed by Leon Neyfakh.


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