The following full-time faculty teach in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation management.

  • David Lingelbach, Ph.D. – Research Interests: entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial finance, institutional theory
  • Tiago Ratinho, Ph.D. –  Research Interests: business incubation, entrepreneurship, technology management, strategy, international management
  • J.C. Weiss, Sr. Lecturer – Teaching Interests: social enterprises and venture capital, entrepreneurship

The following full-time business school who faculty support and produce research in the fields of entrepreneurship, social enterprise and innovation management.

  • Regina Bento, Ph.D.
  • Michael Laric, Ph.D.
  • Tigineh Mersha, Ph.D.
  • Christine Nielsen, D.B.A. (professor emerita)
  • Dennis Pitta, Ph.D.
  • Praneet Randhawa, Ph.D.
  • Ven Sriram, Ph.D.
  • Frank van Vliet, M.B.A.

The following non-business school faculty support and teach in areas of entrepreneurship, intellectual property, social enterprise and innovation management.

  • Edwin Gold
  • Max Oppenheimer, J.D.
  • Ting Zhang, Ph.D.

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