Do entrepreneurs share a common strategy?

Entrepreneurship researchers have often conceptualized new venture development as a planned endeavor. This view holds that entrepreneurs develop business ideas based on forecasts of markets and industry future behavior; they set out a goal, devise ways of achieving it while building fences against competitors.

Recently, other views emerged suggesting that Entrepreneurship is essentially an emergent process and that entrepreneurs often disregard predictive information in favor of building on their current means and resources. Similarly, seeking partnerships is preferred to analyzing competitors and seeking market share.


Together with Dr. Jeroen Kraaijenbrink, my research shows that there is more nuance than merely opposing views. A thorough analysis of archival business using as means to obtain business support from a Technical University, we see that often entrepreneurs combine forecast with insight, look at competitors as much as they build partnerships, and make do with they have at hand while defining future goals. We have presented this research in three international conferences and are currently working on an academic journal publication.

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