UNIV 201/202/203 Sophomore Seminar: Intellectual Transitions

Welcome to the Sophomore Seminar Site.
Click on Student Projects link to review showcased projects created by UB Sophomore Seminar students from CAS, CPA, and MSB based on their research on UB’s Common Read: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

Course Description:
The sophomore seminar serves as a bridge from the first year to a student’s major area of study. All sophomores will participate in a common academic experience designed to enhance their critical thinking and enable them to make connections across their academic work, personal aspirations, and professional goals. Students will engage a common reading across seminar sections and apply core skills in communication, research, information literacy, and team building to real-world issues.

In addition to meeting the disciplinary student learning outcomes for this class, by the end of the semester students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate quantitative and qualitative literacy to question and probe one’s own or others’ approach to a problem or challenge related to major themes of the course.
  • Identify and apply critical skills and processes necessary for successful work in groups and teams, including core concepts of personal initiative, purpose, and social intelligence.
  • Demonstrate an evolving sense of professional identity that results from new learning attained in the course’ articulate appropriate “next steps” in their post-course development.
  • Apply insights gained from the common reading using critical reading skills as related to disciplinary/pre-professional perspectives.
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