[GAMES] Apparently Germans are REALLY Excited About the PS4

CAUTION: minor NSFW language (mostly in German) and loud Metal soundtrack. You might want to watch this with your speakers off.

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[STATS] Must-read Infographic

People sure do love those infographics! These days, it seems next to impossible to read a blog, click a link on Twitter, or browse social networks without running into collections of barely-related “facts” stripped down to their barest elements and tarted up with some eyecandy. Sadly this trend is probably going to get a whole lot worse: today HubSpot unleashed “35 free templates to make content creation faster and easier” on an unsuspecting world. We weren’t sure if this bold claim was too good to be true so we decided to take one for a spin. Here’s the result. (click on it to enlarge)

An infographic making fun of infographics. If you can't see the image, you're not missing anything.

The Ultimate Infographic

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[HUMOR] Best Battlefield 3 Player Ever!

First person view from a Battlefield 3 player who provides incredible narration. There’s just one little thing that blows the illusion at 4:21…

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[HUMOR] In honor of Halloween: An Edgar Allen Poe Rap “The Pit and the Pendulum”


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[MEDIA] Sharing is…stealing? According to new MPAA campaign, yes. It is.

Bad Share!

Stills from new MPAA/RIAA Anti-Piracy Curriculum

You may remember when the Software Publisher’s Association launched its seminal “Don’t Copy That Floppy” campaign in 1992 in an attempt to stop what they saw as rampant piracy of games such as Oregon Trail and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. You may even have missed out when the Software and Information Industry Association re-launched the campaign in 2000 as “Don’t Copy that Floppy 2” featuring the triumphant return of MC Double Def DP. Too bad for you…it’s no wonder you’re probably reading this right now while 30 BitTorrent clients stream an unending…err…torrent of pirated materials into your hard drive.

Luckily, your tragedy doesn’t have to be repeated by today’s youth due to a new campaign created by your pals at the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America (MPAA and RIAA, respectively). Designed as “age appropriate” curricula (rather than released onto the Interwebs as YouTube videos that could be pirated and hilariously remixed), this new campaign is designed to teach kids in grades K-6 that file sharing is really, really bad.

They’ll learn exciting lessons such as how bad it feels when someone steals credit for your crafts (Kindergarten), that hastily-scribbled doodles contain value that their “friends” will be quick to steal and profit from (1st grade), that “sharing” means “theft” (2nd grade), that taking a picture of something is the same as stealing it (3rd grade), that singing a song you like at school is akin to piracy (4th grade), that recording a movie on your mobile phone in the theater will land you in the slammer (5th grade), and that ignoring copyright laws is destroying the lives of REAL TEENS everywhere…even if those real teens are being portrayed by actors (6th grade).

You can check out the videos of the new campaign here.. Cracked has a pretty funny article about it, too.


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[MOBILE] Surprise! iPhone 5S not immune to .50 cal sniper bullet

file this one under “duh!”


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[NEWS] #JustinTimberlake and #JimmyFallon #parody the #silliness of #hashtag #culture

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