[LAW] How the Federal criminal justice system works, as explained through the bust of The Silk Road (the “Ebay of Crime”)

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Logo of the Silk Road: the “Ebay of Crime”

If you’ve ever wondered how the Federal criminal justice system works, Ken White does a great job of explaining the ins and outs of the Byzantine system in his post “The Silk Road To Federal Prosecution: The Charges Against Ross Ulbricht” on Popehat. Going point by point, White explains everything from the length of time that the investigation has been underway to the charges faced by Silk Road boss “Dread Pirate” Ross Ulbricht to the potential penalties that he’s facing and what’s going to happen next now that he’s been busted. It’s one thing to watch this stuff on TV police procedurals (cough…Law…and…cough…Order…cough, cough), but it’s quite another thing to see all the details laid down in a super-clear blog post that really gets into the nitty gritty.

Oh, and bonus fact: the guy who was whacked by the Don of The Silk Road was from Maryland…and Maryland was the first state to indict.

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What currently greets visitors to The Silk Road

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