Digital Initiative Committee Members

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Sean Carton

Center for Digital Communication, Commerce and Culture
Please direct all inquiries about this site to Sean Carton


Eric Easton

Professor of Law
University of Baltimore School of Law


Danielle Fowler

Associate Professor & Department Chair
Department of Information Systems and Decision Science


Stephanie Gibson

School of Communications Design


William Hubbard

Assistant Professor of Law
University of Baltimore School of Law


Kimberley Lynne

Theatre Events Coordinator
University of Baltimore Student Center Performing Arts Theater


Stacey Marriott

Business Analyst I/Web Tech
Office of Technology Services


Nancy O’Neill

Director of CELTT
BOA Center for Excellence in Learning, Teaching, and Technology


Dennis Pitta

Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship


Steven Scalet

Associate Professor
Division of Legal, Ethical and Historical Studies


Giordana Segneri

Associate Director Communications & Marketing
Office of University Relations


Eric Singer

Assistant Professor
Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences


Ivan S Sheehan

Assistant Professor
School of Public and International Affairs


Michael Shochet

Head of Reference
Langsdale Library


Peter Toran

Vice President- Planning and External Affairs
Office of Planning


Paul Walsh

Director of Instructional Technology
Office of Technology Services


Joseph Wood

Provost and Sr. Vice President- Academic Affairs
Office of the Provost


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  1. August Bender says:

    Hey Guys. Theres an error in your description

    “Starting in September of 20132….. “

  2. Sean Carton says:

    Thanks August…the error is fixed. Of course, we could have just been doing some VERY long term planning… 🙂

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