Group Project

Each student worked within a group to solve one of the problems listed below.

Problem A:
From what you have learned about the risk factors of homelessness, describe how belonging to a lower socioeconomic status can play in the type of treatment Henrietta Lacks (or her descendants) received. The group will create a “flow-chart” that highlights specific steps and ways that SES played in the treatment and outcomes of this case.

Problem B:
If you were assigned to help this family, which areas do you think the family might have benefited from services (or interventions) as they maneuvered through life (or interacting with JHH). The group will create a “tree” that focuses on the different problems the family (or individual faced) and the how different disciplines in CPA

Problem C:
What policies were problematic for Henrietta and her family during her time? If Henrietta were living today, what specific (and current) policies could the family rely on or to help them through this situation. Specify any gaps you see in current policies.