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Quoting is like building your favorite sandwich

Warning:Reading this may result in extreme desire for a sandwich Allow me to set the scene for you. Class just ended at 8:01 p.m., and as you’re trying to beat the stampede of UB students racing to the Fitzgerald Garage,

Getting Comfortable with APA Style: Part 2 – Tips & Recommendations

In my last post, I shared some handy resources that available to UB students for free. I hope that it might lessen that sense of dread we can feel sometimes after being assigned a paper in APA style. In this

Getting Comfortable with APA Style: Part 1 – Introduction & Resources

So your professor says your assignment has to be in APA format … Have no fear!  We’ve got some resources and recommendations that can help with any APA anxieties that you may have. But first – let’s talk about what