The Spring 2008 “Langsdale Link” Newsletter is now available

This semester’s Langsdale Link features a collection of articles about issues that keep librarians awake at night plus some updates on things going on in Langsdale.

What would keep a librarian awake at night? I thought you might ask that. Well, there is the IDIS 110 Information Literacy class that had me up late grading papers on at least one occasion. More generally, librarians are among those who wonder how electronic documents that have historical significance, like government publications for example, will be preserved. The Link also tackles the question of how students and scholars might be able to access scholarly journals in the future despite a dramatic rise in the costs of subscriptions that has had the effect of limiting the amount of material that is available.

Then there are the usual updates on goings on at Langsdale, such as the latest renovation news, some new books and a toolbar that could make library research a bit easier. Most importantly, we have the last column from Library Director Steve Labash, who will be retiring this summer.

Unfortunately, the flood happened too late to make it into this issue, but we seem to be mostly dry now. In case you feel like you missed something, here is a picture of a few inches of water in the basement.

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