A Wider lens

Snapshot 2021

In this issue we highlight the artistic visions of three photographers. The snowy street scene on the cover is by the iconic A. Aubrey Bodine, who chronicled our city and its inhabitants for The Baltimore Sun and whose daughter Jennifer Bodine, J.D. ’75, is the keeper of his legacy. The photos of Sue Tatterson, B.S. ’06, M.F.A. ’08, range from tiny details of East Coast abandoned spaces to soaring vistas of the American Southwest. And Kimberlee Jenkins, B.A. ’20, focuses on vibrant and authentic portraits of her subjects.

Experiencing such different styles and subject matter can help us see the world more broadly. We may begin to observe more closely, think more creatively, even be open to greater possibilities. That’s a path to new ideas and new solutions—and that’s the magic of art.

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