Rainbow Connection

A rainbow painting on the sidewalk In many cultures, rainbows are a symbol of hope. And a newly-painted rainbow crosswalk on UB’s campus conjures thoughts of positive change as well, as it celebrates the university’s support of the LGBTQ+ community. Conceived and executed by the university’s Student Government Association (SGA), the Philadelphia Rainbow Flag street mural is located in the alley between the Thumel Business Center and the Liberal Arts and Policy Building. Students painting the rainbow“This project is a way to raise awareness, promote diversity and safe spaces, and highlight the struggles of underrepresented communities to achieve social equality,” says Daniel Khoshkepazi, President of the SGA. The SGA passed a resolution in support of the project in June, Pride Month, and presented a proposal to UB’s administration. “Everyone was 100 percent supportive, and that felt very empowering,” Khoshkepazi adds. University System of Maryland guidelines for the COVID-19 pandemic restricted the number of people doing the actual painting. Those involved include Khoshkepazi, SGA Senators Emily Kamp and Joseph Ha, Anthony Butler, M.A. ’02, SGA Advisor and director of UB’s Rosenberg Center for Student Involvement, and Sara Golden, a Baltimore community artist. The team spent more than 20 hours over several days creating the mural. The rainbow crosswalk is the first of its kind on a Maryland university campus. “We’re proud to have a new campus and city landmark that people can visit and enjoy,” says Khoshkepazi. “With projects like this one, the SGA is engaging in cultural change that benefits UB and the community for years to come.”

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