Building on the Present

Students and community members use our facilities for work, study, relaxation, entertainment, and more. We asked our patrons how they use the library, so we could show how those services are only going to get better.

I use the library to get work done. There are tables overlooking Penn Station that I love to sit at. It’s relaxing to watch the world move along while I study.”
-Liz McMahon, Senior, Professional Writing

Not only is a higher view offered from the new library building, you won’t be limited to looking Northward. Yes, Penn Station will still be visible while you study, but so will much more of the Baltimore skyline. In addition to the more impressive view of the world below, your personal work and study habit needs are more likely to be met by the variety of facilities available–from individual study pods to conference rooms.

I use the library to develop games and get feedback from my friends.”
-Aaron Arnold, Senior, Simulation and Game Design

A computer lab will be housed on the first floor of the new building, and the game collection – which will be located on the lower level – will house a wide selection of games and consoles ranging from Atari to Steam. While that’s nothing new, there are plans for a “popup library arcade,” which will feature a new game every week. The games showcased will be paired with supplemental materials, which will be available to check out.

I’ve used it to check out countless books for nothing but my own enjoyment, and I consider it an essential resource for discovering both new and classic movies.”
-Ben Bjork, Senior, Integrated Arts

As you probably expected, the books and films available in the library will continue to be available for perusal, with a constantly updating selection to choose from. Besides books and films, you will now also be able to experience culture and entertainment through readings, performances, or lectures hosted in the fourth floor event space.

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