Letter from Lucy

The academic library as place holds a unique position on campus. No other building can so symbolically and physically represent the academic heart of an institution.”

(Freeman, G.T.,2005, as cited in Lewis, 2016)

We’ve arrived! It’s hard to believe that it has been four years since we closed the doors to the “old” Langsdale Library and moved into our “temporary” space in the Turner Learning Commons.

Now, almost to the day, we will be returning to the “new” Robert L. Bogomolny Library with great excitement and enthusiasm for the new spaces and services available to students, staff, faculty and the community.

Much has changed in the intervening four years as we’ve grown to include Academic Success (writing center, tutoring, and academic coaching) and have expanded our resources and services to include a repository for faculty and student publications, new digital collections and virtual services.

As you’ll read in this issue, our new home will include exciting new collaborative learning spaces for students to explore and experiment with new technologies and create new knowledge. The flexible floor plans will allow students to configure their own spaces and will allow us to change each year to meet the needs of new generations.

We look forward to welcoming the campus community throughout the summer with celebrations in the fall – we hope that you will visit us.

The library is the only centralized location where new and emerging information technologies can be combined with traditional knowledge resources in a user-focused, service-rich environment that supports today’s social and education patterns of learning , teaching and research. Whereas the internet has tended to isolate people, the library, as a physical place, has done just the opposite.”

(Freeman, G.T.,2005, as cited in Lewis, 2016)

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