New Phi Alpha Theta Members Celebrate at this Spring’s Ceremony

On May 2, undergraduate students Kelsey Scanlon, Ann Zelenka, Christopher Finke, and Marshall Odell gathered in the Learning Commons lounge to undergo their induction into Phi Alpha Theta, the national history honors society.  Presided over by UB History Club faculty sponsor Nicole Hudgins, each of the students celebrated their achievement and received the certificate of their lifetime membership.  LEHS chair Dr. Fred Guy, faculty members Betsy Nix and Boram Yi, and a few family members joined them.  Dr. Hudgins addressed the group by reminding new members to embrace the joy of history and the humanities.  Congratulations, history and jurisprudence students!

One thought on “New Phi Alpha Theta Members Celebrate at this Spring’s Ceremony

  1. I would like to congratulate the inductees for their academic and, as in a way Historic :), achievements. I have really grown into the fascination of history and all its awesomeness. I have just heard from the previous History Club President Tim Jenkins about how he has written an entire history of the History Club which dates back to 1933.

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