Three New Phi Alpha Theta Initiates Celebrate at Kumari

On Tuesday, Feb. 11, Dr. Hudgins celebrated with three new Phi Alpha Theta initiates at Kumari’s delicious lunch buffet.  Phi Alpha Theta is the National History Honors Society, whose membership is open both to history and jurisprudence majors at UB.  Our chapter at UB has the denomination Tau Mu.  The three new initiates were history majors Lester Pollitt III and Stephanie Danesie, and jurisprudence graduate Angelica James.

Dr. Hudgins and the three initiates wish to thank Dean Bryan for supporting Phi Alpha Theta by picking up the check!  For more information about Phi Alpha Theta, get in touch with UB’s History Club on OrgSync, email Professor Hudgins, or visit the P.A.T. Web site.


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