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Discourse Communities and The Matrix

The topic of discourse communities brings students to the Writing Center every semester. Many have trouble identifying them. And if they can identify them, they have trouble writing about them. The reason, I believe, is not that discourse communities are

Myths About the Thesis Statement

Thesis statements are given a lot of attention in academic writing. We’re often told by our professors that they should be “strong” and “clear.” We need to “argue” for and “support” our thesis statements. They get all the spotlight in

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Active and Passive Voice Explained

All too often, I work with students whose professors tell them, “Don’t use passive voice!”  During these particular consultations, I soon discover that most students have no idea how to distinguish between active and passive voice.  As a result, they

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Quoting is like building your favorite sandwich

Warning:Reading this may result in extreme desire for a sandwich Allow me to set the scene for you. Class just ended at 8:01 p.m., and as you’re trying to beat the stampede of UB students racing to the Fitzgerald Garage,

PIE: An English Equation

Years ago, at Southern Utah University, I was in the middle of flirting to make my uptight friend nervous when my favorite professor smacked a paper on my desk. He’s a tall guy, and that made him seem intimidating but

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Getting Comfortable with APA Style: Part 1 – Introduction & Resources

So your professor says your assignment has to be in APA format … Have no fear!  We’ve got some resources and recommendations that can help with any APA anxieties that you may have. But first – let’s talk about what