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When Will My Reflection Show What My Professor Wants to See? How to Write the Reflective Essay

I’m not usually someone who makes Disney references, but when I was coming up with this blog post, I couldn’t help but give in to nostalgia. Reflection—thinking about ourselves and our actions—is an important tool in our personal, professional, and

Making Your Way: Tips for Starting a Writing Project

We’ve all been here. We’re assigned a paper. We generally understand what we’re supposed to write about. But how do we write about it? What importance or substance can we add to the conversation? Why are we doing this in

Making Mistakes with No Fear (Or Why We Encourage Fearless Failures)

I love to write. I live with a mental illness, so my anxiety/depression combo doesn’t always enjoy having writing assignments, but I still love to write. I love to experience the process of my thoughts being shaped by words and