Staff Through the Decades











CFCC Staff over the years and individual photos of current  and recent staff in no specific order from left to right (top row) Rebecca Stahl, Esq., Deputy Director, Katrice Williams, Program Administrative Specialist, Arion Alston, TCP Mentor Coordinator, Michele Hong, Esq., CFCC Program Manager, (bottom row) Katherine Davis, Esq., Former TCP Attorney, Spencer Hall, Esq., TCP Program Coordinator, Eileen Canfield, Former TCP Social Worker, Eileen Canfield, Former TCP Social Worker

CFCC’s Extraordinary Staff Through the Decades

Throughout its 20 years, CFCC has had the great good fortune to attract and retain outstanding staff members and consultants. It’s a testimony to both CFCC’s substantive work and environment that several key people have “boomeranged”, leaving then returning cheerfully a few years later. 

Gloria H. Danziger, JD, served the longest tenure of any staff member at CFCC and was instrumental in CFCC’s growth. She was CFCC’s Senior Fellow from 2002 through 2018. With a law degree and an M.Phil in politics and international relations, 15 years as a editor/reporter, plus an interest in court reform, truancy, literacy and substance use disorders, Danziger made substantial contributions to CFCC’s growth. She met Professor Babb through their mutual work at the American Bar Association (ABA) when Danziger was Staff Director of the Standing Committee on Substance Abuse. Once joining CFCC, Babb and Danziger worked side by side for 16 years until Danziger, eager to travel more, retired in 2018. In the 16 or so months after she retired, Danziger visited Myanmar (Burma), South Africa, Uganda, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, France, Italy, England. She is looking forward to more travel adventures when international travel resumes. 

Current Staff

  • Barbara A. Babb, Esq., Founder and Director
  • Arion Alston, TCP Mentor Coordinator
  • Spencer Hall, Esq., TCP Program Coordinator
  • Michele Hong, Esq., CFCC Program Manager
  • Rebecca Stahl, Esq., Deputy Director
  • Katrice Williams, Program Administrative Specialist
  • Kim Carlin, Consultant
  • Steve and Irene Glorioso, Consultants, Auburn Associates
  • Georgene Kaleina, Esq., Editorial Consultant
  • Nancy Petersen, Consultant

Former Staff

  • Marcellus Anderson, Program Administrative Specialist
  • Andrea Bento, Esq., Truancy Court Program Manager
  • Eileen Canfield, TCP Social Worker
  • Sharon Curley, Program Administrative Specialist
  • Gloria Danziger, Esq., Senior Fellow
  • Katherine Davis, Esq., TCP Attorney
  • Anthony “Bubba” Green, TCP Mentor Coordinator (deceased)
  • Kevin Hagin, Administrative Assistant
  • Catherine “Cassie” Jackson, Esq., TCP Co-Manager
  • Ellen Line, TCP Social Worker
  • Mimi Lumeh, Administrative Assistant
  • Saralyn Lyons, Administrative Assistant
  • Judith D. Moran, JD, Senior Fellow
  • Eliza Mullen, Administrative Assistant
  • Eliseba Osore, LCSW, TCP Social Worker
  • Sharon Rubinstein, Esq., Senior Fellow
  • Patricia Schminke, Truancy Court Program Coordinator
  • Jana White, Esq. Truancy Court Program Coordinator
  • Phyllis Zhu, LSCW, TCP Social Worker
  • Alice Cherbonnier, Graphic Design Consultant
  • Dave Crumpton, Consultant
  • Diane Nunn, Esq., Nebraska Consultant
  • Jacob Stone, TCP Mentor Consultant