What People Say

People have a lot to say about CFCC — and it’s all good!

“The Sayra and Neil Meyerhoff Center for Families, Children and the Courts (CFCC) is one of the crown jewels of the University of Baltimore School of Law.  For more than two decades, CFCC has distinguished the law school nationally and internationally through its passionate, cutting-edge advocacy for family justice system reform.

CFCC has led the way toward unified family courts, therapeutic jurisprudence and the ecology of human development as central tenets of policy and practice in family law.”

– Dean Ronald Weich, University of Baltimore School of Law


“The Family Divisions have emerged as an organic component of our Circuit Courts—not by fiat but from the collaborative participation of judges, legislators, practitioners and advocates. As a leading advocate, CFCC has been instrumental in the development of the unified family court system in Maryland and in the nation.”

– Robert M. Bell, Chief Judge, Maryland Court of Appeals, retired

“The greatest contribution of the University of Baltimore School of Law Sayra and Neil Meyerhoff Center for Families, Children, and the Courts (CFCC) is how it laid the foundation and helped transform family law, especially in Maryland.”

– Richard Abbott, Esq., Director, Juvenile and Family Services


“CFCC has been a force in providing training and education, not only for students at the University of Baltimore (UB) School of Law, but for professionals. … CFCC and AFCC have partnered for nearly 20 years on an annual training program held at UB, designed for parenting coordinators, child custody evaluators, mediators, lawyers, judges, and other family court professionals.  These programs have educated nearly 2,000 professionals worldwide.”

– Peter Salem, Executive Director, Association of Family and Conciliation Courts


“My experiences as a CFCC Student Fellow opened up my eyes to other things that could benefit my client to be counseled on. That type of experience, actually serving people during school, can set you up on a path to value serving others more during the rest of your career.”

– Brian Upshur, Esq., former CFCC Student Fellow, now Assistant Solicitor, City of Baltimore


“My husband and I contribute to many worthwhile causes, but none gives us more pleasure than our support of CFCC. Not only does it help to train lawyers in this critical sphere, but it also improves family courts throughout the country. This approach can truly make a difference in the lives of all the children and families involved. “

– Sayra Meyerhoff, Esq., is a member of UB’s President’s Council and UB Law School’s Dean’s Circle, as well as a prominent philanthropist in the Baltimore area.


“The leading article tying TJ [therapeutic jurisprudence] to family law is Barbara Babb’s seminal piece, An Interdisciplinary Approach to Family Law Jurisprudence: Application of an Ecological and Therapeutic Perspective, 72 Indiana Law Journal 775 (1997). It was Professor Babb who spearheaded the conversation about TJ and family law, resulting in ongoing TJ Family Law scholarship worldwide.

­– David B, Wexler is honorary president of the International Society for Therapeutic Jurisprudence, a professor of law at the University of Puerto Rico, and a distinguished research professor of law emeritus at the University of Arizona.


“Hearing about Professor Babb and CFCC’s work, judicial leaders called upon CFCC to help them with their own family justice system reform initiatives. Often facing fierce resistance from within their own ranks, these brilliant members of judicial and legal communities around the country understood the compelling power of TJ and the unified family court (UFC) model to improve the lives of vulnerable and fractured families in the family court system.”

– Gloria Danziger, Esq., was CFCC’s Senior Fellow from 2002 to 2018. 


“ … I can attest that CFCC changed my career path. I entered law school with the perspective that law was a “one person versus the other,” “winner versus loser” profession. The work and education of CFCC broadened my understanding and my horizons due to the introduction of the tenets of therapeutic jurisprudence.”

– Leigh E. Dalton, J.D., PhD, a former CFCC Student Fellow and now an attorney in the School Law Group at Stock and Leader.