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The University of Baltimore’s GameLab is dedicated to helping students build a robust portfolio, gain work experience, and stand out in the highly competitive field of Simulation and Game Design. GameLab was established and founded in 2015 by Sujan Shrestha, a faculty member in the College of Arts and Sciences and funded by the UB Foundation.

The GameLab is available to any student at UB interested in conducting research in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) through the Arts (STEAM).

The GameLab is currently used as:

  • A studio for students, faculty and scholars working in diverse media, including painting and sculpture, movies and theater, computer images and software development, games and interactive media.
  • An exhibition space to support STEAM education. It provides partnership opportunities with local and regional institutes to develop creative and scholarly initiatives for students and faculty.
  • A workshop space for mathematicians, scientists, students, artists and scholars with an interest in education and the arts. The center supports new initiatives in developing mathematical and scientific ideas into hands-on activities throughout the year.

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