Fall 2017: Upcoming presentations from our research faculty

This fall, our research faculty will share their work and expertise at conferences and summits around the country…

Assoc. Prof. Tara Richards

On Sept. 22, School of Criminal Justice Associate Professor Tara Richards will serve as the closing keynote speaker at the University of Kentucky’s Center for Research on Violence Against Women’s annual conference titled “Campus Responses to Sexual Misconduct: Pausing to Consider the Implications.” Her talk will review the state of the issues, modes of action, and best practices for the implementation of federal requirements (Title IX, Clery Act, Campus SaVe Act). She plans to focus on the differences between problems with our current legislation/guidelines versus problems with enforcement of these regulations. She hopes that her presentation of nationally representative data/MD state institutional data (rather than anecdotes) can provide some clarity given the misinformation and oversimplification of these issues that have been hallmarks of the recent news coverage.

Learn more about the conference.

Asst. Prof. Aaron Wachhaus

D.P.A. student Lyndsay Bates

School of Public and International Affairs Assistant Professor Aaron Wachhaus and D.P.A. student Lyndsay Bates will be co-presenting at the 2017 Southeastern Conference for Public Administration (SECoPA), “Defending Public Administration in a Time of Uncertainty,” Oct. 4-7 in Hollywood Beach, FL. They will be discussing their work in UB’s Langsdale Library archives regarding structural inequality and public services in Baltimore. Wachhaus will also serve on a journal editor’s panel and present his own paper, “On the Inadequacy of Government,” looking at the structural impacts of governance in the Hollow State.

Learn more about the 2017 SECoPA conference.

UB’s College of Public Affairs is the official sponsor of the 2017 NASPAA (National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration) Annual Conference, to be held Oct. 11-14 in Washington, D.C. The theme of this year’s conference is “Confidence in Public and Nonprofit Institutions: How is it Built, How is it Lost, and How is it Regained?” and former Vice President Jospeh R. Biden will provide a keynote address. Several CPA faculty members will serve as panelists at the conference, including:

  • Dean Roger Hartley (conference chair): “New Deans Roundtable”
  • Schaefer Center for Public Policy Director Dr. Ann Cotten: “Exploring the Key Role of University Centers and Institutes in Engaging Urban Communities”
  • Assistant Professor Mariglynn Edlins: “Exploring Service and Experiential Learning as a Valuable Tool for Public Affairs Education”
  • Associate Professor Jessica Sowa: “Fostering Continuous Improvement Efforts in Online and Hybrid Public Affairs Education”
  • Assistant Professor Aaron Wachhaus: “Editors Panel: Public Administration Journals and the Publishing Process”

Dean Roger Hartley

Dr. Ann Cotten

Asst. Prof. Mariglynn Edlins

Assoc. Prof. Jessica Sowa













Asst. Prof. Aaron Wachhaus

**If you’re a student and you’re interested in serving as a student volunteer at the 2017 NASPAA conference, please email Monica Queen (mqueen@ubalt.edu) for more information.

 Learn more about the 2017 NASPAA conference.

Asst. Prof. Carla Barqueiro

On Oct. 13, School of Public and International Affairs Assistant Professor Carla Barqueiro and her colleague Kate Seaman, assistant director of The Bahá’í Chair for World Peace at the University of Maryland, will present at the joint conference hosted by the International Security Studies Section (ISSS) of the International Studies Association and The International Security & Arms Control Section (ISAC) of the American Political Science Association conference (ISSS-ISAC Conference) in Washington, D.C. Their paper is titled, “Framing Interventions in an Uncertain World.” They are also presenting on Nov. 3 at the International Studies Association Conference Northeast in Providence, RI. That paper is titled, “The Ethics of Intervention in Unpredictable Times.”

Learn more about the ISSS-ISAC and ISA Northeast conferences.

Asst. Prof. Sarah Federman

Assistant Professor Sarah Federman, a new faculty member in the School of Public and International Affairs, will be presenting on the social construction of perpetrators of genocide at the American Society of Criminology’s 73rd Annual Meeting, Nov. 15-18 in Philadelphia, PA.

At the end of November, Federman will speak at the American Anthropological Association about using narrative and ethnographic methods to work with genocide testimonies.

Lastly, this fall Federman will return to Columbia University’s Historical Dialogues for her third year talking about constructions of the past, referencing largely her study of the on-going French National Railways’ (SNCF) conflict over whether the company has done enough to make amends for its wartime role in the Holocaust.

Learn more about ASC’s 2017 Annual Meeting.

Schaefer Center for Public Policy research analyst and D.P.A. student Stephanie Dolamore, Assoc. Prof. Jessica Sowa (pictured above) and UMBC faculty member Lauren Edwards will present their research at the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) Conference, Nov 16-18 in Grand Rapids, MI. Their paper is titled “Reconsidering Public-Nonprofit Relations: Police Foundations and the Role of Organized Philanthropy in Traditionally Public Services.”

Dolamore will also present a paper that she co-authored with School of Public and International Affairs Associate Professor Lorenda Naylor titled “Providing Solutions to LGBT Homeless Youth: Lessons from Baltimore’s Youth Empowered Society.”

Assoc. Prof. Lorenda Naylor






D.P.A. student Stephanie Dolamore

Learn more about the 2017 ANROVA Conference.

Dr. Katherine Marconi

On Dec. 8, School of Health and Human Services adjunct faculty member Katherine Marconi will serve as one of ten speakers at the Data Analytics Summit IV, to be held at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. The summit, titled “Healthcare Analytics: Making the World Better,” will focus on healthcare informatics and advanced analytics that meet the demands of the health industry as it transforms to value-based care. Marconi will give a presentation titled, “Population Health Analytics Strategies: User-centered Design, Interactive Visualization, and the Ecosystem of Data around the U.S.”

Learn more about the summit.

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