From its beginnings, The University of Baltimore has granted educational access to a remarkably wide range of students. We’ve been educating leaders for nearly 100 years; you know us through our faculty’s outstanding research and teaching; you know us thanks to the hard work and dedication of our alumni, students and staff. You know us because we are The University of Baltimore.


The University of Baltimore offers career-focused education for aspiring and current professionals, providing the region with highly educated leaders who make distinctive contributions to the broader community.


The University of Baltimore has a long, proud history of providing quality, professional undergraduate and graduate education for working adults who aspire to advance in their careers. As the University prepares for its centennial in 2025, we strive to build upon this legacy and leverage our strengths to forge a bold future. The result is Re-Imagining UBalt (PDF), an ambitious strategic plan that articulates the shared goals that will carry us to our centennial:

  1. Position UBalt as the region’s premier professional, career-focused university
  2. Strengthen student success
  3. Solidify UBalt’s commitment to community engagement and service
  4. Organize for long-term financial stability
  5. Achieve excellence in research, scholarship and creative activity
  6. Strengthen UBalt’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion


As the entity that raises and manages privately-sourced financial support for The University of Baltimore, The University of Baltimore Foundation also provides leadership, guidance and support to school administration in advancing the mission and vision of the University. Re-Imagining UBalt serves both institutions as a road map to success. This strategic plan guides how the Foundation invests resources in the University, and in turn, how the University allocates those resources in a way that aligns with our strategic goals and priorities.

The success stories featured in the annual report for Fiscal Year 2023 showcase the synergism between these two entities, and are a testament to the hard work, dedication and resilience of the UBalt community.