Your donor dollars

The University of Baltimore is proud of its historic connection to Maryland’s entrepreneurship community. Established by entrepreneurs almost 100 years ago, UBalt has been able to create, grow and sustain a model for groundbreaking and innovative entrepreneurship education.

In FY2023, a transformative gift from an anonymous donor allowed the University to expand and enhance entrepreneurship education programs, while providing financial support to aspiring entrepreneurs. This initiative has the potential to truly change the lives of UBalt students, while empowering the greater community and improving the economic conditions within the Baltimore region.

Funds from this gift have been earmarked for use in three distinct programs:

• the Real Estate and Economic Development (REED) program, which works with dedicated students who are trained in business and real estate principles, with a focus on applied learning and social entrepreneurship. These students are attempting to gain an opportunity to successfully develop affordable housing and other neighborhood businesses in the city of Baltimore.

• the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation’s (CEI) Entrepreneurship Fellows program, which program provides five to seven students per year with an intensive entrepreneurship education while engaging with mentors and industry experts as they work to launch their own business venture prior to graduation.

• the Second Chance College Program at Jessup Correctional Institution (JCI), which provides post-secondary education to incarcerated and newly-released students, to improve outcomes for their employment success. Students enrolled in Second Chance work toward a bachelor’s degree in Human Services Administration, and a minor in Business Management, but many also indicate an interest in entrepreneurship and social enterprise opportunities.

The newly-available donor dollars from this substantial gift have already had a remarkable impact by creating opportunities for the University to create new initiatives to nurture and harness the entrepreneurial spirits of its students.

Working toward an initial goal of enrolling five students in graduate school, the Second Chance program secured its first post-secondary enrollee with support from the gift—the student is pursuing a degree in UBalt’s Nonprofit Management and Social Entrepreneurship program. Fifteen other Second Chance students are now exploring opportunities by enrolling in a newly offered Introduction to Entrepreneurship course at JCI. And two released Second Chance students opted-in to a minor program in Entrepreneurship and are able to engage in CEI activities on and around campus, as well as receive support through living stipends.

The Entrepreneurship Opportunity Scholars (EOS) program was created at CEI with funds from this initiative. Five new EOS students were enrolled in a 9-credit specialization for graduate students across all four colleges who are interested in studying entrepreneurship. Each scholar will receive funds to cover the cost of tuition and fees, along with a $500 stipend each fall and spring semester, for the duration of the scholarship, starting in fall 2023. Additionally, these funds allowed CEI to bring a new Entrepreneur-in-Residence on board for mentorship, as well as create and fund a dedicated graduate assistantship position to provide program support to EOS for two years.

Also under the umbrella of EOS, the REED program was able to designate funds to create an Affordable Housing Scholarship, to support the many UBalt students who want to work towards a goal of providing affordable housing opportunities within the city of Baltimore after they graduate. REED is also working towards creating a new entrepreneurship liaison position with their funds to recruit current and prospective UBalt students who are interested in the broad range of opportunities available at UBalt in Affordable Housing, Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.


The Beverly Veterans Educational Support Fund was established in FY2023 in memory of alumnus James E. Beverly, B.S. ’56. This endowed fund will provide financial support to veteran and active duty students who need help covering the costs of tuition and fees, books and supplies, and emergency assistance, in order to complete their UBalt education.

As a first-generation college student, attending law school seemed unattainable. Being given the opportunity to be part of the Fannie Angelos Program for Academic Excellence has been life changing. The Program provided an LSAT prep course, mentorship and all-round support, which made my journey to law school possible. Now in law school, the FAPAE family encourages me to continue to strive for greatness regardless of all the obstacles I may encounter on my path to pursuing public interest law. Thanks to the generosity of those who support the FAPAE, I can attend law school on full scholarship, which allows me to focus on my education full time (which honestly would not be possible otherwise). I look forward to being able to provide the same support FAPAE has provided for me and one day assist in the journeys of other aspiring law students and attorneys.”