The Land of the Smiles: The Thailand Global Field Study


Mahidol International and University of Baltimore group photo

After 17 hours being in an airplane, 14 MBA candidates and 4 senior business majors landed in Bangkok, Thailand to embark on a global field study–an experience that will be influential and impactful on their personal and professional lives.

Monday, January 21 was “day one.” Our students enjoyed getting to know people from Mahidol University International College and learning about Thai language, culture and an overview of the business environment. Professor Wimonsiri Hemtanon provided great guidance and lessons on Thai greetings, haggling with vendors and tuktuk drivers, and  the “do’s and don’t’s” while visiting in Thailand. The second class of the day was conducted by Mahidol University International College’s assistant professor Nuntana Udomkit. She lectured more about what drives business in Thailand. She balanced the talk with better understanding the economic, social, and governmental climates of Thailand and demonstrated how business can be impacted in the country.

One of the nicest aspects of Day One was something that was very clear from the moment we stepped off the plane, the kindness, politeness and people always smiling. Thailand has the moniker as “The Land of Smiles.” The language even creates sounds that require you to smile. When they are angered on the inside, they maintain a “smile,” on the outside, and always remaining emotionally balanced.

It is very clear that this country that is now known for medical tourism, Thai boxing and a destination for wellness and spas, relies on the millions of tourists to generate revenue, but the culture and the people are at the crux at what makes this country a fascinating and enjoyable place to learn.

Check out some of the images from Day One.


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