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Kaylan SinghalIn a Oct. 25, 2019 post on contributing author John Byrne wrote a piece titled “Profs Plan A Rival To The Harvard Business Review,” that prominently featured Kalyan Singhal, professor of operations management in the Merrick School of Business and UB’s Doris E. and the Robert V. McCurdy Chair in Business, for his new project that will rival Harvard Business Review.

The article introduced Singhal’s latest foray into elite-level scholarship journals with  the Management and Business Review. In 2020 Professor Singhal  along with is co-editors-in-chief, Wally Hope of the University of Michigan, Christopher Ittner of the Wharton School of Business, will launch the publication.

In the Forbes article Singhal is quoted as saying that he believes that, “Over 98% of the faculty never even attempt to publish in HBR. We want to reach those authors.”

MBR will launch its first issue in March and will do so with the support of 180 advisors from academia and the corporate world. MBR will be published in both print and digital forms in four issues in 2020, and their complimentary digital copies will be distributed to millions of readers.

In 1989, in collaboration with about 300 professors and executives, Singhal founded the Production and Operation Management Society. He serves as the editor in chief of the Production and Operation Management Journal, which publishes scientific research into the problems, interest and concerns of managers who manage product and process design, operations and supply chains.

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