Entrepreneurial activity: A game changer for any region’s economic well-being.

Henry Mortimer

Henry Mortimer, director, University of Baltimore Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Next week the Baltimore region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem will be front and center, thanks to the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers choosing to bring their conference to town. Our very own Henry Mortimer, director of the UBalt Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation has been an integral part of making it happen. He recently shared his thoughts on the impact of the conference on the city.

“The University of Baltimore is proud to partner with Loyola University of Maryland to bring the 2021 Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers (GCEC) conference to Baltimore. We had several goals in mind when we planned the conference and developed our theme, ‘Leading with Entrepreneurship: Succeeding on Revitalization.’ First, we are proud of the proud of the resilience, tenacity and drive-to-thrive, that our city has shown over the past five or more challenging years—most recently during this pandemic—and we wanted to showcase how Baltimore’s dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem has played a role. We also wanted tell a success story, from the local and regional perspectives, about the urgency for American entrepreneurship and innovation for revitalization, and to provide inspiring and practical examples of how higher education and entrepreneurs can and are leading the way to create the new companies that are revitalizing and transforming their communities. We believe that community-driven revitalization not only strengthens the local education system and business culture, it also creates a virtuous cycle of continued entrepreneurial activity that is a game changer for any region’s economic well-being. I look forward to sharing UBalt’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation’s contribution to Baltimore’s story of how higher education institutions can support underrepresented entrepreneurs and help their companies grow.”

The GCEC Conference will be held from Oct. 13-16, 2021. Learn more at: http://www.globalentrepreneurshipconsortium.org.

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