Stacks in the stacks

While the techs were busy doing the important work in the library, I may have swooned for a bit in the racks. Can you blame me?

book stacks

Eventually I made it up to the top floor where there are more computers and not so much books. That’s what libraries look like these days. A mix of technology and print.

The network closet up there was one of the largest replacements of this project. The switch setup we implemented with any of the multiple-switch closets on campus is a “stack”. Today’s was a 5 stack. We have only one other 5 stack closet on campus. Most closets have 1 or 2 switches. Because of the number and complexity, we scheduled 2 hours for this one and the techs completed it within an hour. They continue to amaze! That’s a lotta lights!

network switches installed


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