This is it! Don’t jinx it by posting.

Today we have our last installations of the network switch replacement project. This project was one part of a larger effort to renew the campus network. You’ll hear about other efforts in the near future.

For now, on this sunny, quiet Friday morning, I’m taking a moment to reflect on the past 4 weeks! Yes, you read that correctly: 4 weeks. Our first installation was on May 8. Since then, the team has installed 111 switches in 64 locations. Originally we expected to start no later than April 24 and finish on June 15.

The team did an amazing job to complete this in 4 weeks + 1 day. Honestly though, it happened because all the departmental coordinators were extremely supportive and flexible with scheduling the outages. Almost all of our installations happened during the work day. Some departments accommodated outages of 2 hours! The team work from the coordinators allowed us to finish ahead of schedule even with our compressed time frame. Well done!

If I could, I’d give everyone involved a treat. Alas, you’ll need to settle for a pic of cupcakes.

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