Law Review Antitrust Symposium Celebrates Career of Prof. Robert H. Lande

Prof. Lande with the speakers at the antitrust symposium.

On March 10, 2023, the University of Baltimore Law Review hosted “The Quest for Progressive Antitrust,” a special symposium celebrating the career of Venable Professor Robert H. Lande, who retired earlier this year.

Lande was co-founder of the American Antitrust Institute, past chair of the Association of American Law Schools Antitrust Section, an award-winning scholar, and a leading intellectual force behind the 21st century’s reinvigorated antitrust movement.

Distinguished antitrust scholars, practitioners, policymakers and reform advocates participated in panel discussions addressing competition policy, antitrust law, and Lande’s vital role in shaping the national debate about the need to protect consumers from cartels and monopoly power. Lande also delivered a keynote address.

Welcome remarks were delivered by Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust Jonathan Kanter and U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar. Panelists included Randy M. Stutz, of the Federal Trade Commission; Albert Foer, founder and past president of the American Antitrust Institute; and Katherine Van Dyck, of the American Economic Liberties Project.

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