CEO Magazine Ranks UBalt in 2021 MBA Rankings

Award badges from CEO Magazine

In May, CEO Magazine released their 2021 MBA Ranking. This year they surveyed business schools across North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and those associated with the five major emerging economies or  BRICS, and ranked the data from 180 schools, offering 338 different programs in 27 countries (89 online, 90 EMBA and 159 full-time and part-time MBA programs).

The school was ranked in the the top tier for having a top MBA program in North America and #55 in the world for the Online MBA. In their ranking review they considered the following factors with varied weightings for the Global MBA:

  • Quality of Faculty (weight = 34.95 %)
  • International Diversity (weight = 9.71%)
  • Class Size (weight = 9.71%%)
  • Accreditation (weight = 8.74%)
  • Faculty to Student Ratio (weight = 7.76%)
  • Price (weight = 5.83%)
  • International Exposure (weight = 4.85%)
  • Work Experience (weight = 4.85%)
  • Professional Development (weight = 4.85%)
  • Gender Parity (weight = 4.85%)
  • Delivery methods (weight = 3.8%)

“It is clear to me that anytime that the number one criteria for a ranking is weighted on the ‘quality of faculty,’ the Merrick School of Business will gravitate to the top,” said Murray Dalziel, dean of the school. “Our faculty’s research prowess and teaching experience, are some of the best around.”

The school was first ranked by CEO Magazine in 2016 and has made the list in every consecutive year.

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