Let the cable labeling begin!

Our intrepid installation team has been deployed to network closets to label network cables, using numbered stickers to match the cable to the port number on the switch. If only everyone at UB had such a glamorous job. Here’s what it looks like after all cables have been labeled.

labeled cables

“Why label cables,” you ask? Great question. When a tech installs a new switch, it’s very important that the cables plugged into the current switch are plugged into the same spots in the new switch. The labeling ensures that will happen, and helps it to happen efficiently.

As we look forward to installation of the new switches, our team is out there running through all the network closets on campus labeling each cable on each network switch. This could be upwards of 160 cables in one closet. They are being super careful with this, making sure all cables are secure in the port before they start putting the stickers on each cable. Would you believe there are even special stickers specifically for this purpose?

As you can see, one of our technicians is delighted by this work. (Don’t hold the Steelers shirt against him.) They’ve completed labeling 40 of the 70 closets in the past 2 weeks. Great work team!

network closet with installer

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