Leaders on Leadership



The University of Baltimore has graduated and employed a deep roster of leaders, each who have dedicated their life’s work to advancing their causes, strengthening their organizations, and improving their communities. These public servants, media executives, nonprofit heads, government officials, union organizers and educators have worked in the trenches for years, growing professionally and personally, collecting a wealth of insight and experience to share.

To celebrate their remarkable achievements—and to inspire future leaders—we asked leaders from the UBalt community to share stories, lessons and advice about leadership. Every single one of these conversations was moving, informative and jam-packed with insightful reflections on their experiences—and we think you’ll find their words of wisdom as inspiring as we did.


Building Connections



Early on in her career, Courtney Rhodes, M.A. ‘02, only had male mentors. While they taught her valuable professional lessons in marketing and communications, something was missing. They didn’t understand the nuances of being a woman in the workplace, or how gender identity can impact one’s ability to adopt and practice certain soft skills. “I wanted someone who could relate to my experience,” she says.

When she co-founded C&D | The Agency—a management, marketing and media agency that specializes in business and entertainment—she decided it would be driven by a team of women who had the professional capacity and lived experience to help fellow businesswomen excel in their careers. Her approach is a promising one because it integrates one of the most vital components of mentorship: connection. 

“Connection is valuable to so many of us,” explains Llatetra Brown Esters, The University of Baltimore’s dean of students, who oversees the UBalt Connects Mentorship Program.


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As the region’s premier, career-focused university, The University of Baltimore is host to a vanguard of scholars and practitioners who serve the University’s mission by cultivating resilient, resourceful professionals through experiential and applied learning. But these educators aren’t just preparing UBalt students to be part of the workforce—they’re forging leaders.

The University of Baltimore has spent almost 100 years providing educational opportunities to aspiring and current professionals. Whether students are looking to launch careers, advance them or make a complete change, UBalt has a reputation for honing the skills they need to excel in their chosen fields.