Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Why a Team Approach to Youth Intervention Is So Important

By: Kayla Williams, CFCC Student Fellow (2019-2020)

The Sayra and Neil Meyerhoff Center for Families, Children and the Courts (CFCC) Truancy Court Program (TCP) aims to provide early intervention for chronically absent students in an effort to prevent their truant behavior from leading to delinquent and criminal behavior. 

The TCP works to identify and address obstacles leading to truancy.  The TCP Team is comprised of a TCP Social Worker, a TCP Attorney, a TCP Mentor, a TCP Coordinator, a volunteer judge, law students participating in the CFCC Student Fellows Program, volunteer tutors, and education professionals.  

During my time as a TCP clerk, I have come to realize the importance of having a team of people with different expertise work together to address different aspects of a problem in order to apply a holistic approach to best serve the youth.

The team collaborates to identify emotional, physical, intellectual, family, and other challenges that contribute to truancy. It has been amazing to watch the team work together to address these problems and obtain the necessary resources through partnerships.  

The diverse team allows for the ability to bring all the needed resources to the student in one place. Students may receive counseling from the social worker, tutoring from the tutors, and advice from the judge. 

I’ve been impressed by the impact the team approach has on students regarding getting the students back on track and attending school. Students are very receptive to having a team of people working together in their best interests. Since I began clerking, I’ve watched students improve their grades and become more and more excited to come to the TCP. I believe seeing how invested the team is in their success really leaves a lasting impact on students.

Additionally, the team becomes an even stronger force for good when it obtains the buy-in from teachers and parents. 

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and, through the TCP, I have seen the incredible effectiveness of the teamwork, accountability, and support that the team provides students.

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