Benchbook for Family Courts on Substance Use Disorders, Second Edition

The University of Baltimore School of Law Sayra and Neil Meyerhoff Center for Families, Children and the Courts (CFCC) announces the availability for purchase of its Benchbook for Family Courts on Substance Use Disorders, Second Edition, (Benchbook).

The Benchbook is a valuable resource to improve decision-making and outcomes in family law cases that involve substance use. It is written specifically for judges, court administrators and staff, and family law attorneys, as well as social service, health, and mental health professionals who assist legal practitioners with family law cases. The Benchbook:

  • provides an authoritative and concise description of addiction and substance abuse issues;
  • presents information regarding best practices, resources, and science; and
  • suggests ways judges, magistrates, and others in the family court system can work more effectively with treatment providers to resolve family problems.

In addition, the Benchbook for Family Courts on Substance Use Disorders provides current and valuable insight into the science of addiction, the treatment of SUDs, how SUDs affect children and families in many family law cases, and how family courts can intervene in ways that lead to better outcomes.

Authors of the Benchbook include Professor Barbara A. Babb, CFCC Founder and Director; Gloria H. Danziger, Esquire, and Former CFCC Senior Fellow; The Honorable Susan L. Dobrich, The Honorable Peggy Fulton Hora (deceased); and Rebecca M. Stahl, Esquire, CFCC Deputy Director.

“This new Benchbook updates and expands our earlier work on the compelling issue of substance use disorders, particularly involving opioid use, and how they should be addressed by the courts,” Professor Barbara Babb said. “The good news is that with a recognized neurobiological basis for substance use disorders, there is potential for recovery. Evidence-based interventions can prevent harmful substance use and related problems, and the courts have considerable power to influence individuals suffering from these disorders.” Babb also acknowledged the significant contributions of Judge Hora, who passed away unexpectedly in October, 2020: “She was a driving force on the Benchbook and made incredibly valuable contributions.”

The Benchbook for Family Courts on Substance Use Disorders is available for $29 as an e-book or PDF, with discounts available for multiple copies. Download an order form..

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