Entrepreneurship Faculty Becomes Fulbright Scholar

David Lingelbach

David Lingelbach, associate professor of entrepreneurship, was selected as a Fulbright Scholar and will be conducting research as well as teaching in Myanmar for the next few months at the Monywa University of Economics.  While he’s abroad, we’ll document some of his activities and share them with you. Check out some of the images and his thoughts from the first few weeks in in the country.

All photo credits: David Lingelbach

November 30, 2018 – December 2, 2018,  “The First Impression”

“Now on the ground in steamy Yangon. First impressions—lots of energy, colorful, friendly. I like it!” – David Lingelbach

December 3, 2018, The Fulbright Briefing and Yangon Heritage Trust

“Another great day in Yangon. Morning Fulbright briefing at the U.S. Embassy, where I met up again with fellow Fulbrighters Gail, Jaeil, and Maung. Late afternoon walk, ending up at the estimable Yangon Heritage Trust. Fun fact: the bookstore photo was taken by George Orwell. And note Nixon in a ‘longgyi’ (a sheet of cloth around six feet long and 2.6 feet wide.) Myanmar society recognizes the need for more critical thinking on the part of all its citizens. Indeed, cultivating critical thinking is an objective for Fulbrighters here. Myanmar was and remains a very vertical society.” – David Lingelbach

December 6, 2018, Monywa: Our home in Myanmar

“Have now arrived in Monywa, our home for the next few months. Awoke to a fresh, cool breeze, the sound of motorbikes, and lines of Buddhist nuns in pink with shaven heads. And I received such a nice reception from my colleagues at Monywa University of Economics.” -David Lingelbach

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