Online Panel Discussion Many aspects of our society are changing rapidly. We’re dealing with new ideas and new challenges. There’s a lot to talk about, and yet we may not be sure how to effectively communicate about tough topics. Four UBalt-affiliated thought leaders collaborate to address The Changing Conversation: Communication in a time of rapid social evolution. Their wide-ranging discussion covers topics that include:
  • Creating an atmosphere where people feel safe sharing ideas
  • Engaging with those whose worldviews differ from our own
  • How historical events inform our discussions today
  • How learning environments and the workplace are adapting to societal change
  • Navigating difficult conversations in personal and professional settings
  • Hopeful signs for greater connection
Alicia Jones McLeod
Alicia Jones McLeod
Joshua Clark Davis
Joshua Clark Davis
Ting Zhang
Ting Zhang
C. Alan Lyles
C. Alan Lyles
Watch the discussion at ubalt.edu/changing-conversation

Anatomy of Wings
Learn more about the film, a recent winner of Best Documentary at the LA Femme
International Film Festival! Wings follows a group of young women from Baltimore over a
ten-year period. Clips, upcoming screenings and more are available at anatomyofwings.com.

Co-Producers & Co-Directors Nikiea Redmond and Kirsten D’Andrea Hollander
Co-Producers &
Co-Directors Nikiea
Redmond and Kirsten
D’Andrea Hollander
Anatomy of Wings promotional poster
Anatomy of Wings
promotional poster

Bodine’s City
View a slideshow of photographs by A. Aubrey Bodine, selections from Jennifer Bodine’s book Bodine’s City. Many of the locations featured in this historic collection of Baltimore photos are within a few blocks of The University of Baltimore campus!

Visit the slideshow at ubalt.edu/ubmag

Marble Steps
One of Bodine’s favorite subjects, the pristine marble steps of West Baltimore, shown here in the 1940s

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