“55” by Ernst Perdriel

Welter 55 Contest News!

The Welter Online editorial team is excited to announce the winner of our anniversary writing contest. The rule: Give us 55 words in honor of our journal’s birthday (Welter was born in 1965). The result: We received well over 500 entries. There were so many good ones, but our favorite was “Asphalt Graves” by Jordan Robinson, who happens to be an MFA student at the University of Baltimore (which was a cool surprise). You can read her important piece here.

In other happy news, because we found so many entries to be especially strong, we’ve decided to publish a total of 55 finalists, one per week over the coming year. Can you tell we’re psyched to be turning 55? We’re even more thrilled to have received these great short works.
Thanks to everyone who entered! Congratulations, Jordan!

Please see the list of finalists below and watch for their work week to week.

“H-AI-L czr” by Algo
“Mom’s Garden” by Cheryl Somers Aubin
“55” by Jay Barnica
“A Dream of Marriage” by Paula Bonnell
“Covid Reflections, Early April” by Virginia Boudreau
“On Moonless Nights” by Eric Botts
“He’ll Be Perfect After a Trim” by Gina Burgess
“This Year” by Wendy Carlisle
“Hiding” by Kathleen Castro
“Migration” by Madalena Daleziou
“Hot Towel Zones (10 years deep)” by Kemuel DeMoville
“Craigslist Ad for Our King-Size Bed” by Jessica Dionne
“Remembering How We Loved” by Catherine Edmunds
“Not Funny” by Kit Falbo
“In Praise of Rude Awakenings” by Sharmon Gazaway
“Home of the Brave” by Mel Goldberg
“Postmodern Courtship” by K. S. Dearsley
“First Visit to a Strip Club” by Andrea Eaker
“Next” by Lilia Marie Ellis
“Disabled Like Me” by Jon Fain
“[sick]stemic” by Dean Gessie
“Home of the Brave” by Mel Goldberg
“Love Affair” by Patrick Cabello Hansel
“Chocolate” by Alan Harris
“The Nightingale’s Song” by William Heath
“American Prayer” by Todd Heldt
“Amado” by Phyllis Houseman
“Happy Birthday, Little Boy Blue” by Valerie Hodges
“A Firearm Metamorphosizes Into a Metaphor for Death and Vice Versa” by Onyekachi Iloh
“The Orphan Fawn” by Margaret Koger
“I Create a Paint Color / I Name Crushed Haze” by Dorian Kotsiopoulos
“NOTIFICATION” by Anthony Lechner
“To a Woman Whose Online Dating Profile Admonishes, ‘I am an expert at being single. I do it well.’” by Charles Leggett
“All Over America” by Lisa Marie Lopez
“Drip” by Leeor Margalit
“(Step)Brother: Rite of Passage” by Kelly Martineau
“Love in a Rush” by Valerie Peter
“In the City in the Day” by Laurie Petersen
“Egg” by Samantha Pilecki
“we don’t say it’s wrong, say it’s right” by henry 7. reneau, jr.
“License” by Yash Seyedbagheri
“Terrible Shepherds” by Susan Barry-Schulz
“Rejection Letter” by Kelli Simpson
“A Railroad Man” by Meg Sipos
“Art Lessons” by David Slay
“Legacy” by Grace Song
“A Thought of Her” by Catherine Stanley
“Love” by Yong Takahashi
“One does not love breathing” by Tracy Thompson
“The Year You Returned to L.A.” by George Uba
“Faith” by Suzanne Verrall
“Half-empty” by D.W. (Wendy) Vogel
“Two Pleases” by J.B. Wilde
“28 Days Later” by Tiffany H. White
“Ba Bao Fan” by Lucy Zhang