Welter 55 Winner

Welter 55 Contest Winner

Jordan Robinson is a 20-something writing about her love: Baltimore City and its people. She writes about the home of her childhood and the stories untraveled, often forgotten, in black Baltimore. She is a graduate student of the MFA program at the University of Baltimore. When Jordan isn’t writing, she’s doing two of her hobbies: eating out too much and spending time with her close-knit family. Her favorite dish is shrimp and grits. Her favorite human is her daughter.

Asphalt Graves

by Jordan Robinson

The black body lay face up, chest bloody, ripe in the sun. Its muscular arms spread east and west, perpendicular to the hot torso deflating into the asphalt grave. Its spasming hand clutched a phone—the cracked screen vibrating the word, Mom. The glitter of red and blue lights twinkled in its now still eyes.