Volume 54


  • Jason Graff: We Singular
  • Shirley Fergenson: Apples
  • Kevin Tosca: Radishes
  • Maureen Sherbondy: Fish Eyes
  • J. Bradley: Divide and Conquer
  • Bailey Drumm: Defining Moments
  • Mary Spence: Lemonader
  • Bob Moore: Zucchini

Creative Non-Fiction

  • Timmy Reed: Animal Suicides
  • Lisa Knopp: The Evolution of Human Consciousness
  • Lilah Lichtman: Right Handedness
  • t. huang: Ghosthunter
  • Kimberly Ann Priest: Mountain Story
  • Kelly Flanagan: On Depression

Featured Interview with Jeannie Vanasco on #MeToo and Her Writing Mind


  • Jeffery Alfier: The Lodger
  • Toti O’Brien: Voyager,  Madness
  • L. Shapley Bassen: Brain Coral, Freckles
  • Eve Lyons: Goodridge v. the Department of Health
  • Daniel Cuddy: The Leaf and the Child
  • Douglas Mowbray: In the All
  • Steve Cushman: At the Gym
  • Gareth Culshaw: One Sunday in the Potting Shed
  • Shirley J. Brewer: Gift Shop on the Arctic Circle
  • Kimberly Ann Priest: Civil Assault
  • Deborah Purdy: Patchwork
  • Gerard Sarnat: Mesriah
  • Kenneth Pobo: Bible Covers

Visual Art

  • Jim Ross
  • Federico Federici
  • William M. Cunning
  • Nataly Rivera
  • Kate Marani
  • Wesley Guerrier