You’re Such a Man

Boyfriend: July-October 2020

Arriving late to my friend Sals social-distanced birthday party in a park, Id noticed him from 20 yards away, recognizing him from his Facebook profile on a local trans group. I walked up to where he and Sal were sitting and set my things down to declare my COVID-safe island, six feet from everyone. Hoping to be introduced to him, or to find the guts to introduce myself, I chickened out and crossed the circle to talk to an old friend.

But he was the only person at the party I really wanted to talk to. Returning to my island, I was relieved when Sal waved me over, saying, Hey, man, let me introduce you! This is Tyson.” I noted this was not his Facebook name, which was gender neutral.

Tyson,” I repeated, affirming his name, and smiled. I thought, probably a guy like me, then. But I couldnt be sure, so I asked. Cis people are sometimes afraid to ask peoples pronouns; they think it might be rude. Quite the opposite. Hell, its a pickup line,” I had quipped to a trans colleague just three days before, hours after breaking up with Kelsi.

Cool. Whatre your pronouns?” I asked.   

Within seconds, wed found a comfortable rapport of two sociable, good-looking trans guys on T. In a mostly unconscious effort to impress him, I lifted up my shirt and flashed him my belly, showing off the hair there, declaring,T really does its work!”

Heeeyyy, nice! I cant wait for the changes on T! Its just been four weeks for me.”

I smiled, pleased. We talked the rest of the party.