image from Hikaya series by Susan Zayed


Caitie Young

generations exist in


                            light swallows

              the dark.

                                          and i

heard that we can change

          if we want to.


gun                  shots                    fired.

country           in            flames.


                                        my sister

told me from a blue bubble

             that my parents

were                                 crying.

we don’t call each other.

we exist on our screens and

in our scrolls.


generations exist in



“never again” in

              America means

“never the same exact way”

              and      camps

              become             cages.


i still believe                  i have to.


if you are quiet enough

                           you can hear the

sound of trauma.

it is the car starting and the car not starting.


                            love yourself.

              the        world                  is

              not        made                  to.




Caitie L. Young (@caitie_my_lady) is a poet and fiction writer in Kent, Ohio.