“This is What I Leave You” by Maya Caulfield


Rae Rozman

For A.

The womb is an animal

soft and alive

he tells you you’re sexy

calls you kitten and says

spring is in your eyes


And you believe him.


You believe him 

because it’s rained nonstop for a week

and you haven’t left the house in days

and abuela calls you mija

and you’re ready

so ready

to not be a child


And when it’s over

and the sun is out

and this man

this man

calls you kitten

(and you realize too late

he still sees you as a small thing)

you’re ready to believe


this is what you have to be.




Rae Rozman is a queer poet and educator in Texas. She can be found on Instagram @mistress_of_mnemosyne sharing poems and book reviews.