the absence of birds

the absence of birds
Lawdenmarc Decamora

words are birds

words in transit


be birds

the shapes

of permutations


from Manila Bay to our bones: we have no idea

how beautiful that sky lantern

is to six acacias

when it falls to the ground

when it swims in the chaos of colors

when we take out the words

when we see people manage their hours

between cityscapes & a birdless sky

memory foams

& you realize

temporal: i

Lawdenmarc Decamora is a Best of the Net and Pushcart Prize-nominated Filipino writer. He is the author of two book-length poetry collections, “TUNNELS” (Ukiyoto Publishing) and “Love, Air” (Atmosphere Press – forthcoming). His work has appeared in The Seattle Review, North Dakota Quarterly, The Common, Comstock Review, and elsewhere.