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CURRENT ISSUE | Spring 2024

Inside Welter 58

Inside volume 58: New fiction from Andrew Milford, Laura Brown, Diana Clarke, and Kelly Talbot. Non-fiction by Kia Moku-Jones, Ashley Krumrine, Leslie Lisbona, Nicole Bethune, Karina Chea, Charlene Faison, and Jason Thornberry. Poetry from KG Newman, Mel Edden, Deig Sullivan, Cassidy O’Reilly Hahn, Micaela Williams, Nichole Bethune, Thom Schramm, Soon Jones, Julia Rapp, Thomas Rions-Maehren, Tara Thiel, Nat Raum, and Natalie Sibiski. Also art featured from Kurt Ruzelle T. Astudillo, Kathy Bruce, Annika Connor, Irwin Freeman, Howie Good, Jennifer S. Lange, Hiokit Lao, Jim Ross, Ronald Walker, Lisa Weinblatt.

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