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CURRENT ISSUE | Spring 2022

Welter Volume 57

Inside Welter 57

Inside volume 57: Fiction from Ally Waldon and James Magruder. Non-fiction by Hilary Sigismondi and Bernie Groves. Poetry from Kathleen Kimball-Baker, Elisheva Fox, Shirley J. Brewer, Iliria Osum, Janelle Cordero, Christopher Linforth, Kayla Renee, Robert Wilson, Alexander Etheridge, Lisa Cantwell, Liz Holland, Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas, and Orlantae Duncan. Also art featured from Grace Doyle, Vaiva Kovieraitė-Trumpė, Matthew Mahlstedt, Italo De Dea, Luke Manning, Jim Ross, Peter Vukmirovic Stevens, Giovanni Garcia-Fenech, and Ellie Wardman.

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