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CURRENT ISSUE | Spring 2023

Inside Welter 57

Inside volume 57: New fiction from Sophie Panzer, Mari Molen, Erik Peters, and Sarah Turner. Non-fiction by Joshua Cole, Basil McQuade, Luisa Barron, Marshall Moore, Anne Doventry, and Winslow Schmelling. Poetry from Paula M. Rodriguez, Bryana Joy, Terry Jude Miller, Jessica Mehta, Hannah Collins, Josiah Nelson, Hassan A. Usman, Lisa Cantwell, Bree Boyd, Ahrend Torrey, Adina Polatsek, and Shirley J. Brewer.. Also art featured from GJ Gillespie, Rebecca Dietrich, Andrew Lincoln Nelson, Kelsey Erica Tran, Molly McNeely, Matina Vossou, Vanessa Cerasulo, Jerrod Schwarz, Alysia Brown, Jenna Minor Kline, and Michael Hower.

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