Monthly Archives: November 2016

Students stage play about the 1968 Baltimore riots

Student’s from UB’s new Performance Studies: Baltimore specialization will perform One Particular Saturday, a play from the perspective of witnesses of Baltimore’s 1968 riot. The performances are free and will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 15 and Thursday, Nov. 17 at 2 p.m. in the Wright Theater in the UB Student Center. This is the final production of Spotlight UB‘s fall 2016 season.

The play was developed by Kimberley Lynne, published playwright, arts and theater manager and an adjunct faculty member in UB’s Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences. It is a collection of the accounts of a soldier, a looter, a storeowner, and an activist, organized into a presentational view of the weekend of the unrest that followed the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. in April 1968. Lynne originally wrote the play as part of the University’s public analysis of the 1968 riots on their 40th anniversary in 2008.

The play is directed by acclaimed stage director and theatre educator, Donald Hicken, who joins UB’s faculty in the Performance Studies specialization, and the cast is made up of students in ARTS 297, which is taught by Lynne.