Creative Nonfiction

Creative Nonfiction

Fall 2022

3 people stand near a lit bonfire in the rain

A Waterbed Fire
Elizabeth Wasdworth Ellis

Painting of a side of the road at dusk

David Clémenceau

A pink silhouette of a woman rising towards the sun while blue and purple hands are trying to reach her

Katherine Varga

A small hill/mountain covered in snow, ice and some fog

The Martian Artifact
Richard J. O’Brien

Summer 2022

The Leo Way
By Alexandra Hewett

Fall 2021

The Shack
William Thompson

Summer 2021

Fall 2020

Melissa Goodnight
Harbor Man
Mackinzie Brink
abstract art by Shanell Kitt, entitled Internal
Turtle, Under Cover
Kyle Ingrid Johnson
You’re Such a Man
Will Richardson